4 Ways to Stand More During the Day

Most of us spend a lot of time sitting, whether it’s at a desk, behind a wheel, or in front of a screen. Excessive sitting can have poor effects on our health and is linked to the sitting disease… Learn more.

Physical Activity in the Winter? It’s Snow Problem at All

Finding motivation to be active during colder months can be difficult. But if you can muster up the energy do get active, the benefits are endless! What considerations should you make before stepping outside? Continue reading to learn more.

Think OUTSIDE The Box: Family Friendly Outdoor Activity Ideas

Written by Team Optimity (3 min read) "Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt." — John Muir Summer is here and it’s time to GET OUTSIDE! After a long year of hibernating through interim lockdowns, it feels great to finally slip-on shoes, a light jacket and skip out … Continue reading Think OUTSIDE The Box: Family Friendly Outdoor Activity Ideas

Get Active Outdoors This Summer

Written by Leila Dale (3 min read) Moving your workout outside this summer may increase the amount of physical activity you do, without you even realizing it! Research has shown that people who exercise outdoors did significantly more moderate-to vigorous-intensity physical activity than those who only exercised indoors. As mentioned in my previous post, being … Continue reading Get Active Outdoors This Summer