Is It a Food Allergy or an Intolerance?

Food allergy or intolerance? It can be confusing to tell! We break down the basics and list the most common allergens and intolerances to help you better understand the differences.

From Vitamin A to Zinc: Your Nutrition Dictionary

Nutrition can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re breaking down with basic definitions of key nutrition terms, so you can read food labels with ease! Learn more.

Adding Flavour Without Adding Salt

An estimated 17.9 million lives are lost to heart disease each year, making it the leading cause of death globally. Salt intake is a large risk factor for heart disease in the long-term. How do we reduce sodium while keeping our foods tasty? Learn more.

Be Sun-Savvy: 5 Tips for Family Sun Protection

Written by Yuki Hayashi (2 min read) With the bloom of magnolia trees it’s hard to imagine we were wearing three layers just a few months ago. Now that we’re finally basking in warm springtime temps, it’s time to get sun savvy. As spring segues into summer, the great outdoors beckon. Here are 5 ways … Continue reading Be Sun-Savvy: 5 Tips for Family Sun Protection

7 Ways to Stay Strong and Healthy as We Age

Written by Team Optimity 2 min read Fact: Canadians are living longer than ever before. Another fact: Older people are still experiencing age-related health complications at a similar age of onset as the previous generation. Lesser-known truth: While people are living longer, they are living longer with underlying health complications.  The health problems older people … Continue reading 7 Ways to Stay Strong and Healthy as We Age