3 Tips to Avoid Cabin Fever

The mental, physical, and social strain cabin fever can wreak on you is profound, but luckily there are ways to curb it. Read on for easy at-home tips for a productive winter to keep you in a positive headspace!

Sex & Drugs: Part 1

Written by Team Optimity (2 min read) As the school year comes to a close, many students will celebrate the completion of what we colloquially call ‘Zoom University.’ From at-home tests, to virtual lectures, to forgetting you’re on mute for the umpteenth time — young students traded the classic university experience in favour of community … Continue reading Sex & Drugs: Part 1

Myth or Fact? You Can Get Cancer From Sex

By David McLay 3 min read Most of us grew up hearing some myths and misinformation about sex. I’ve been grown up for some time, but I recently came across a new one: You can get cancer from sex. Both cancer and sex are too important to leave shrouded in myth, so I investigated. In … Continue reading Myth or Fact? You Can Get Cancer From Sex