Optimity & Health Gorilla Partner to Improve Policyholder Engagement

Written by Team Optimity

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Health Gorilla and Optimity Partner to Enhance Insurance Companies Risk Assessment and Customer Engagement Capabilities

We are excited to announce our partnership with Health Gorilla — the leading provider of actionable healthcare data for life insurance companies. We are confident that this partnership will ultimately benefit not only the way insurance companies assess risk, but also how they engage with their policyholders, which will ultimately benefit everyday customers across North America.

About Health Gorilla

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Health Gorilla is a HIPAA-compliant, interoperability platform that allows insurers to completely streamline and scale the way medical records are retrieved and analyzed. Through their platform, insurers leverage structured, complete medical records which are integrated into their internal solutions to inform risk assessments, streamline underwriting workflows, and enhance the policyholder experience. 

A Partnership Made in Insurtech Heaven

The partnership between Optimity and Health Gorilla truly represents a win-win-win (and win!) scenario for all parties involved, including policyholders.

For Health Gorilla it means being able to leverage Optimity’s dynamic engagement platform that adapts and is personalized to each individual’s lifestyle. As a technology company, Optimity improves the health, wealth and longevity of its users through evidence-based behavioral science, gamification and rewards. In addition, the data that we collect, and our AI platform, provide insights in real-time to enhance our users’ experience and identify life events and risk profiles that accelerate underwriting and pre-approved targeted offers.

The win for Optimity is being able to enrich our database with permission-based access to medical data through Health Gorilla’s FHIR-based clinical data APIs. Access to this data will allow insurers connected to the Optimity platform to analyze tens of thousands of care sites where they can retrieve any available medical records that exist for an applicant, which will improve their underwriting, risk assessment, customer engagement and claims tracking.

Insurers also benefit from this partnership as they are able to improve their risk assessments and policyholder engagement capabilities by having access to verified, consistent, first-party data through Optimity and Health Gorilla.

Last, and certainly not least, policyholders win by having increased engagement from their insurance company, by knowing exactly which health data was accessed, and reaping the benefits of lower premiums and access to more relevant products and services offered by their insurance company.

“The Health Gorilla team is very excited to be partnering with Optimity”, said Steve Yaskin CEO and cofounder of Health Gorilla. “We appreciate their user-centric approach and look forward to seeing our data contribute to their growth and mission to create healthier populations.”

“Seamless access to the right clinical data for the user with Health Gorilla, enriching the data with the lifestyle engagement experience from the Optimity app, and partnering with insurance carriers to incentivize all users to take action is what’s going to make a difference in the lives of policyholders,” stated Jane J. Wang CEO and cofounder of Optimity. “To improve morbidity and mortality, this partnership is the right way to create a win-win for everyone.”

What’s next?

Are you attending Insuretech Connect 2021 in Las Vegas? If so, you’ll get a chance to meet Health Gorilla — booth 1111 — and Optimity — booth 513 — as both companies will be there to launch the new partnership and talk about all things insurtech. 

We will also be hosting a Morning Yoga session during the first day of the event — RSVP here.

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