New! Executive Advisor: Kevin Dougherty Joins Optimity’s Advisory Board

In this series, we’ll be highlighting top leaders and thinkers in the industry that are part of Optimity’s advisory board. Read on to learn more about their perspective on our industry and the expertise and knowledge that they’ll be bringing to Optimity.

Kevin Dougherty

Last few quarters at Optimity, we saw rapid growth in both our client base and app member community. As we continue our laser-focused execution to fulfill our mission to empower millions of members in making healthy lifestyle choices to help them live healthier, wealthier and longer; we are constantly looking for industry #ThoughtLeaders and #Visionaries to join our team.

We are very excited to announce that Kevin Dougherty is the newest Optimity strategic advisor on our #PowerHouse advisory board: Steve Mannik, Bryan Pearson, Ray Muzyka, Stacy Varney, and Doug Paul.

Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge gained from over 40 years of experience in the life insurance industry. He has been a huge supporter of our vision during his time at Sun Life, and believes in “the convergence of health, fitness, insurance, benefits, and technology can deliver an entirely new model where people can finally take charge of these important aspects of their lives.”

Most recently, he was EVP Innovation and Partnerships at #SunLifeFinancial, having served as President of Sun Life in Canada for over 12 years. He led the success at Sun Life especially in their core businesses of group insurance, group retirement services and individual wealth and in newer lines of business like #LuminoHealth, #SunLifeGlobalInvestments.

His insights into the industry will be incredibly valuable to Optimity in evolving their strategy. He truly believes in Optimity’s mission and vision. While there will be a “Gradual return to normal post-COVID, it is increasingly clear that a truly new normal will emerge, having been accelerated by digital adoption in every area of life.” Kevin understands how Optimity’s core capabilities in empowering the cross-sectoral ecosystem, “There is a revolution underway in Healthcare and Insurance. Optimity is leading the way.”

If you are interested in partnerships and collaborations with Optimity, feel free to reach out to or our solutions team at

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About Optimity

Optimity is a mission-driven technology company that uses evidence-based behavioural science and gamification to improve population health. The company’s health and wellness solutions for enterprise and consumer markets are developed by leading health experts and backed by more than 30 years of behavioural science research.

Optimity Enterprise, the company’s B2B solution, engages large populations in staying healthy and living longer. It is used by employers and insurance companies in Canada, the U.S. and Japan to drive better health outcomes and longevity for employees and policyholders. The Optimity consumer app (formerly Carrot Rewards) rewards users for walking and completing short educational quizzes focused on the body, mind, and finances. Optimity partners with popular consumer loyalty brands, enabling points (gems) earned in its enterprise and consumer apps to be redeemed towards grocery, travel, and lifestyle rewards. With a reach of over one million Canadians, Optimity is the most popular and trusted health rewards program in the country.

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