Get Active Outdoors This Summer

Written by Leila Dale (3 min read) Moving your workout outside this summer may increase the amount of physical activity you do, without you even realizing it! Research has shown that people who exercise outdoors did significantly more moderate-to vigorous-intensity physical activity than those who only exercised indoors. As mentioned in my previous post, being … Continue reading Get Active Outdoors This Summer

7 Ways to Stay Strong and Healthy as We Age

Written by Team Optimity 2 min read Fact: Canadians are living longer than ever before. Another fact: Older people are still experiencing age-related health complications at a similar age of onset as the previous generation. Lesser-known truth: While people are living longer, they are living longer with underlying health complications.  The health problems older people … Continue reading 7 Ways to Stay Strong and Healthy as We Age

4 Benefits of Having a Strong Core

Written by Lina Bernal 3 minute read Many people think of the core as a nice pair of “sculpted abs” and they work hard to try and achieve that, a goal that takes time and a lot of persistence. But do they really know the real benefits of a strong core? Is there more to … Continue reading 4 Benefits of Having a Strong Core

Morning Workouts

Posted by Jane Wang Over the years I’ve grown to love exercising in the morning. It frees up my evenings, leaves me fewer excuses for skipping out on a workout, and helps me feel more alert throughout the day.The sense of accomplishment compounds throughout my day, giving me positive feelings that carry into client meetings and work sessions with … Continue reading Morning Workouts