Feeling Burnt Out? Learn How to Create a Well-being Plan for International Self-Care Day

Ever had “burnout syndrome” or felt the impulse to run away from the noise in your mind? You need a self-care plan to help you recover and boost your energy! Learn more tips about how to create a well-being plan.

Get Active Outdoors This Summer

Written by Leila Dale (3 min read) Moving your workout outside this summer may increase the amount of physical activity you do, without you even realizing it! Research has shown that people who exercise outdoors did significantly more moderate-to vigorous-intensity physical activity than those who only exercised indoors. As mentioned in my previous post, being … Continue reading Get Active Outdoors This Summer

5 Simple Ways to Improve Yourself

Written by Rachel Dong & Barry Choi 3 minute read F. Scott Fitzgerald said it best: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”. Now or anytime is a perfect opportunity to start anew and reach those personal development goals that you’ve been putting off. As the seasons change, take a … Continue reading 5 Simple Ways to Improve Yourself

This July 24th, #iselfcare for International Self-Care Day

Written by Rachel Dong4 min read Amidst this pandemic and quarantine, it’s natural to feel more stressed-out, anxious, or generally unwell than usual. In this way, International Self-Care Day this year comes at the perfect time. Whether you’re working from home or find yourself on the front lines, take some time to breathe and practice … Continue reading This July 24th, #iselfcare for International Self-Care Day