Fundamentals of Wellness Habits

Success of Habits The importance of establishing healthy and productive habits has always been essential. Whether it be at an individual or organizational level, habits can play a key role in quality of work, productivity, and overall satisfaction. What is a habit? A habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated and tends to … Continue reading Fundamentals of Wellness Habits

Unlocking the Hidden Values of HR

Posted by Emily Guterres You may have heard it before, “ HR is a cost center.” “What does your HR department do exactly?” At most times, the questions about HR’s value are not asked politely. In 2016, engaged productive employees are the biggest investment and reap the greatest rewards. CEO’s are increasingly investing in health … Continue reading Unlocking the Hidden Values of HR

Physical Wellness is NOT Enough

TIME STAMP: 4 MINUTE READ Posted by Tasneem Panchbhaya  Wellness programs can be found in most companies throughout North America these days, yet too many corporate wellness programs focus solely on the physical wellbeing of employees. Gone are the days where a purely physical wellness program works. Together with physical wellness, mental and financial wellness … Continue reading Physical Wellness is NOT Enough

One-size fits all wellness programs are a thing of the past!

We know that everyone is unique, so why do we still think that a one-size fits all wellness program can succeed in our workplaces? Employees are individuals with different needs and wants and a single approach to wellness can only benefit a small number of employees, which means that it is more likely to fail. … Continue reading One-size fits all wellness programs are a thing of the past!