Pride Across Canada!

Written by Team Optimity (3 min read) June marks Pride Month. This summer, across the country, towns and cities will be celebrating diversity and inclusion by hosting LGBTQ2+ Pride parades, events, and weeks. Today, pride events are celebrations of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. Rainbow coloured flags wave in store fronts, bank buildings, and major streets. … Continue reading Pride Across Canada!

3 Ways Everyone Can Celebrate Father’s Day

Written by Yuki Hayashi (3 min read) One of my family’s most memorable Father’s Days was The Day of the Leeches. That’s the Father’s Day we took our then-6-or-7-year old fishing. A standard-issue Canadian Father’s Day, right? Not really: my husband hates fishing and he only went to be a good sport. I took on … Continue reading 3 Ways Everyone Can Celebrate Father’s Day

Thanks for Everything, Mom!

Written by Yuki Hayashi (3 min read) Mother’s Day is huge. According to card kingpins Hallmark, it’s the 3rd most observed holiday by card sales, and the second biggest for gifts. While chocolates and flowers are great, showing mom, or a special someone, some love and gratitude shouldn’t be a once-a-year ritual. Especially as we … Continue reading Thanks for Everything, Mom!