3 Tips to Avoid Cabin Fever

Written by Team Optimity

(2 min read)

Winter is fully here and the temperatures may be keeping you inside. The blistering cold and piling snow drown your desire to leave your home. This annual cycle, though at the beginning may be fun, may eventually lead to cabin fever. With the holidays around the corner, it can be easy to avoid these feelings with so much welcome distraction.

After the turn of the year, however, finding a distraction may become a challenge. The mental, physical, and social strain cabin fever can wreak on you is profound, but luckily there are ways to curb it.

So, what do you say? Interested to learn how you can avoid cabin fever? Read on for easy at-home tips for a productive winter to keep you in a positive headspace!

Get Up and Move

If part of your daily routine was getting up and going for a morning jog outside, odds are winter makes you think twice. The colder weather and less than ideal road conditions can challenge your motivation. While it may feel nice to stay indoors, getting outside even when it’s cold has numerous health benefits, such as boosting your mood and immune system.

On the other hand, a failure to stay active may cause many unwanted health ailments. One area of your life that a lack of exercise can affect is your sexual performance through conditions such as erectile dysfunction. If this is an issue you struggle with, ED medication can help, along with changes to your lifestyle. Additionally, a lack of exercise can have similar effects on women. Just as exercise is paramount to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle, the benefits for women go a step further in their sexual lives. After exercise, your body releases endorphins, which is essentially a feel-good natural drug. This can have a positive benefit by rewarding ones self with positive body image thoughts which thus affects sex life. Just 20 minutes of exercise for women can boost sexual arousal by 169% among other benefits.

Whether it’s ED, heart disease or something else—multiple health risks can be mitigated simply by moving your body and staying fit. From your mood to your immune system and physical health, being outside naturally boosts your overall wellness.

Watch Your Diet

Another aspect that can contribute to feelings of cabin fever is a poor diet. During the winter months, it is increasingly tempting to reach for easy to grab snacks. While during the spring and summer months you may be out and around people more, it is easier to eat well because you want to look good. This isn’t the case during colder, dormant months and can lead you to develop unhealthy eating habits.

Work to include leafy vegetables and colorful fruits in your diet for their health benefits. While foods high in sugar and processed carbs can make you feel lethargic, fruits and vegetables can do the exact opposite.

Make Plans

Ultimately, the best way to avoid cabin fever is to make plans and be socially active. Make plans in advance with friends to see a new movie, try a local restaurant, or just get together for a game night to spend time together. Whatever you choose, do it with people you enjoy spending time with. Remember, as you are experiencing the effects of winter, so are your friends. Spending time with friends and family also offers its own dose of life-helping benefits that help stave off cabin fever. At the end of the day, winter is a season that comes and goes. Though the winter months may seem long and dark, there are ways to keep it full of positives. From staying active, fueling your body properly and maintaining social connections, fighting off cabin fever can be simple. Will there be times where it is a struggle? Sure. If you find yourself struggling to cope with feelings of isolation, resort to your favorite daily routines or self-care program or simply pick up the phone and call a friend. Make this winter a time you love!

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