The Lockdown Therapy

Resting at homeWritten by Dwiti Kacharia

5 min read

In a Nutshell:

  • Create a bucket list. Pursue interests and hobbies that have always interested you.
  • It’s the 2020 and technology opens up a lot of options. Use the medium to connect and explore.
  • We’re all in this together. Believe in the power of community and togetherness.
  • Change your perspective. Treat this time as a luxury and a blessing.
  • Self-care is of primary importance. Fill your glass first before serving others.
  • Isolate but do not hibernate. 

Covid-19 lockdown has brought along with it a range of side effects. They can pose a lot of challenges to our mental wellness. In the face of this new reality, it’s important to focus on taking care of ourselves and doing what we need to to stay healthy.

While you’re physically distancing yourself from the rest of the world, you’ll likely be in constant close quarters with your family. As the frustrations of a limited social life peak,  issues that may have seemed insignificant in the past may become more serious. It’s easy to take out frustrations on the people you’re confined with day after day. How can we protect our relationships and our sanity until the lockdown is over?

Whatever your lockdown-related woes might be, one thing is true: anything unfamiliar and outside your comfort zone is likely to bring initial anxiety or frustrations. That’s totally normal, so be patient with yourself. Fortunately, as humans, it’s in our nature not only to adapt but also to reason. What if this lockdown might be therapeutic in some way? What if this self-isolation is actually something you can benefit from? 

Lockdown Bucket List

Make a list of things you always wanted to learn to do, but haven’t. Treat this lockdown as a gift of extra time and opportunity rather than a waste of time.

One of the major advantages of the digital age is that everything you need to develop a new skill or hobby is available online, often at no cost.

A virtual course to upgrade your professional skills, a writing workshop, or maybe learning an instrument—the options are endless and time is on your side right now.

Technology to the Rescue

Connections and communication have never been more available—imagine being in lockdown back in the 1800s! Be thankful for the internet, for endless data plans, and for Netflix.

Tried the Netflix party with your extended family yet? Scored your first million points on Ludo King? Planned a Zoom Bingo night with your friends? Or even better, a Zoom Happy Hour Bingo night? The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

We’re All in This Together – the Power of Community and Togetherness

Yes, it’s tough. You may have financial problems, an uncertain career outlook, or both. But know that we’re all in this together. The layoff at your workplace, or the anxiety about paying next month’s rent, or frustrations with your partner or kids—it’s normal, temporary, and everyone is going through it. Believe in the power of togetherness. Reach out to the community, read about other people’s experiences and learn from them. 

Change Your Perspective

It’s not really the situation that matters, but how you react to it. A positive outlook, looking at the brighter side of things, will go a long way. 

Will the end of this pandemic boost your professional industry? Will working from home open up global remote work prospects? Will staying in with family help you deal with some long-ignored problems? Will you be able to spend more time with your teen like you always wanted? Will you have a chance to learn more about what your child enjoys, and connectng with him through common interests? Does no commute mean more energy for fun date nights with your partner? Look for the opportunities.

Self-Care First

It’s important to treat yourself and pamper yourself in order to support others around you. When was the last time you could self-isolate without the social obligations? Think of this as a chance to lay low until you are ready for the big reveal. 

When was the last time you had this much time to work on your health (and on those abs)? Imagine, the big Insta-reveal when you emerge from lockdown as a better, fitter version of yourself. There has never been a better time to work on self-care and self-improvement. Do it! Set a schedule and stick to it. Set aside time for workouts, skin care, hair care, reading time, yoga, or beauty rituals that help you feel your best. 

Isolate Not Hibernate 

As the world adjusts to a new way of life, keep up to date with news and market trends. Be informed about your industry and learn ways in which you can upgrade your skills. When all of this ends, the world won’t slow down for you to catch up. It’s okay to enjoy some downtime, but be sure to keep up with what’s going on—when things start to open up again, you want to be ready!

Eventually, things will go back to some version of normalcy. The question is, will you buckle under to temporary discomfort, or will you take this opportunity to focus on and build your strengths to emerge from this better and stronger?

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