Fall Forward this Season With These Top 3 Health Tips


It’s that time of the year again, sweater weather…but also “pumpkin spiced” flavored everything. I’m a huge fan of summer just like the rest of you, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than a cozy sweater and a nice warm drink in hand. But sometimes do you feel like you’re wearing more than just an extra layer of clothing? Your “current” fall routine might actually be doing you more harm than good. Do you wake up some morning feeling a little more sluggish than usual or find that your clothes fit a little more snug each day as it gets closer to the winter holidays?

If that sounds familiar or you nodded your head to some (or all) of those, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here are the top 3 reasons for why some people tend to gain weight with the season change, and our tips on how to keep it off!



I will admit, it’s so much nicer to exercise when the weather is nice out, when the colder months hit, people tend to shy away from the outdoors and would rather stay inside and curl up on the couch with a warm drink and watch some t.v. Hey, that’s normal, that’s pretty much me every Sunday morning, but consistent days in with lack of exercise can add on the extra weight. Now I’m not asking you to run marathons here (although that would be nice), but as difficult as it is, I think it’s great to continue some of your outdoor exercises. Find yourself a walking buddy to join you (that way they’ll keep your mind off the colder winds) and if the “great outdoors” isn’t going to help you get fit, I suggest doing some indoor exercises you can do anywhere, be it the office or your living room couch. Check out this blog for some simple suggestions on how you can slip in a workout on a busy day, or check out the “desk-ercise” activity pack in the Optimity app



I don’t know about the rest of you, but when the cold weather hits, comfort food pops right into my head, there’s nothing like food that warms up your insides. But oddly enough, after I’ve finished chugging down a mug of hot chocolate I end up rather uncomfortable with the aftermath of my sugary drink. Sometimes, comfort food can just be food with no nutritional benefits & extra calories. Check out the Optimity app for some simple healthy recipe ideas as well as great substitutes for some of your unhealthy treats. Comfort food is only great when shared with others, because really, what is comfort food? It’s food that evokes fond memories for you, so be sure to enjoy your (healthy) meal with friends and family, to make it that much more enjoyable.



Adequate amounts of sleep is essential to function properly throughout the day. However, sleeping in gets so much easier when the weather gets colder, days are shorter and nights are longer, so it’s a lot harder to get out of bed and get into the mood of doing something fun and physical outside. The sun’s still out there, so the best thing to do is get on (or invest in) a weather appropriate set of clothes and get ready to tackle the day. This way you’re still getting in some Vitamin D, and squeezing in some physical exercise throughout the day!


Don’t let the colder months deter you from getting your wellness fix, enjoy the outdoors, and refer to your Optimity app to help you make the small (yet very impactful) changes you need throughout the day, helping you lead to an overall better lifestyle change.

Not yet an Optimity user? Don’t fret, sign up here to start getting healthier and claiming free rewards along the way!   

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